Disaster cyber criminals – 2Fa

It should come as no surprise that natural disasters could create a fertile environment for cybercriminals to operate in, especially if climate change increases the frequency of such cyber incidents. Natural disasters are an excellent illustration of the type of significant occurrence that produces enough turmoil for cybercriminals to thrive since it weakens the system and resources enough to give hackers an easier path in

Giant Online Platforms Including WhatsApp and Snapchat Fined By Russian Regulators over Data Storage Wrangle

Russian regulators have fined Meta-owned platforms WhatsApp and Snapchat
for allegedly refusing to store Russian users’ data on Russia-based servers as
part of the government’s effort to control its citizens’ online activities.
According to a ruling by Moscow’s Tagansky District Court, on Thursday, July
28, WhatsApp was served a $300,000 (18 million rubles) fine for a repeat
offense following a $664,000 (4 million rubles) penalty imposed on the online
chat giant last year.

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